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Fall Into Me by K.M. Scott promo tour


The second book in the Heart of Stone series continues the sensual and emotional story of Tristan and Nina that began in Crash Into Me...

Wealthier and more powerful than most men his age, Tristan Stone merely has to give voice to his desires and whatever he wants is his. Money has given him the ability to say nothing and no one is beyond his reach.

Except for Nina. Stripped of her memory after an accident, she doesn't remember the man who loves her. Now he must find a way to show her why she fell in love with him, but the past is always just a step behind, threatening to take her away forever.

Unsure of everything about the past four years, Nina believes that Tristan loves her. But will the secrets he holds tear them apart just when she needs him most?

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I threw the letter on the bed and raced to Nina’s room, overcome with relief from what she’d written. My heart slammed against my chest with excitement as I marched down the hallway to her room, and I stopped short at her door to calm myself before I charged through it like a mad bull. 

Taking a deep breath, I knocked and pushed the door open to see her sitting on her bed as if she’d been waiting for me.
“Hey, what’s up?” she asked sweetly. “Did you get my letter?”
Her smile lit up the room, and I walked to her bedside to pull her into my arms. All the anger and jealousy that had churned inside me for hours disappeared when I held her, as if she was the lone antidote to all my misery.

I kissed her hard on the mouth, not wanting to hold back anything I was feeling for one of the first times since she’d come home. She was my Nina, and I wanted every part of her for mine.

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Meet the Author

 K.M. Scott is a USA Today bestselling author of sexy contemporary fiction. When she's not writing, you can find her reading a book, watching tv or movies, or cooking a new dish for family and friends. 

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