Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Shadow of a Dead Star by Michael Shean

Shadow of a Dead Star by Michael Shean

Seattle, 2078. The future hasn't been kind to the spirit of humanity; commercial obsession and technological fetishism rules the day, religion and belief has died screaming in the fires of war, and what remains is moral decrepitude. Life in the future is hard on the soul.

As an agent of the Industrial Security Bureau, Thomas Walken knows that better than anyone. His job is to keep the worst kind of black-market technology out of the hands of citizens, technology born out of the shadowy nation nicknamed Wonderland. But the kind of fantasies that come out of that place aren't for the good people of the world. Wonderland technology is like black magic made real.

Walken's newest assignment starts out simply: intercept a smuggled shipment of Princess Dolls, little girls turned into sex toys, and bring them into custody. But when the girls are hijacked from federal custody and Walken gives chase, he finds a trail of bodies in their wake. Before he's through, Walken will find himself confronted revelations that will answer every question that the troubled lawman has ever had about himself and the world he lives in - but his mind and soul may not survive it.

A dark, brooding piece of future noir, SHADOW OF A DEAD STAR will take you down the rabbit hole on a ride you won't soon forget.

My Thoughts:
I've had this on the TBR list since I read Bone Wires (reviewed here), which was fantastic. It is set in the same world as Shadow of a Dead Star, but is a standalone. I'm glad I waited for this one because the sequel doesn't come out until April. And I want it right now.
This is dark, gritty, futuristic sci-fi. A fast-paced detective thriller set in a dystopian future. The scary part is that it seems so plausible. The story just pulled me in so that I could not stop reading and I was completely blown away by the ending. Can't wait to see what direction the next book takes.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!
*Notes: The gore is very detailed.

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