Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Fate's Edge (Edge #3) by Ilona Andrews

Audrey Callahan left behind her life in the Edge, and she's determined to stay on the straight and narrow. But when her brother gets into hot water, the former thief takes on one last heist and finds herself matching wits with a jack of all trades...

Kaldar Mar-a gambler, lawyer, thief, and spy-expects his latest assignment tracking down a stolen item to be a piece of cake, until Audrey shows up. But when the item falls into the hands of a lethal criminal, Kaldar realizes that in order to finish the job, he's going to need Audrey's help...

My Thoughts:

I liked Kaldar in Bayou Moon and was happy to read his story. Audrey is a good match for him. Here is a quote I liked, from Kaldar's point of view: "Before this was all over, either they would be lovers or they'd kill each other. Right now, he had no idea which it would be." I think that sums up their relationship nicely. I like the Edge series and this was my favorite book so far. It is probably best to read these in the proper order, starting with On the Edge, or it might feel like you are missing something.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!
My Source: library

Where to get it:

Barnes & Noble

Where to find the author:
Ilona Andrews

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