Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Take the Cake by Sandra Wright

Take the Cake by Sandra Wright

Sometimes you just have to take life
one cupcake at a time.

Kate Shannon is happy with the way things are. Granted she lost her parents at a young age, but she has made a good life for herself which includes a legacy of misheard song lyrics and a malfunctioning gaydar. Kate doesn’t have a Mr. Right, or even a Mr. Right Now, but what she does have is a thriving bakery in Greenwich Village called Take The Cake, and that’s just the way she likes it. Better still is the competition with her barista as they try to outsmart each other every morning with their cupcake/quote war. Firing shots like Woodstock Afterburn and Vegan Rehab is enough to keep her on her toes. Who has time for dating? 

Across town, Michael Forrester has gone from enjoying the thrill of success to wallowing in the depths of despair. With a collection of critically acclaimed novels in his wake, Michael now spends his days battling writer’s block, avoiding his publisher’s calls whenever possible. With nowhere to go and nothing to write, Michael’s just in time to find exactly what he didn’t know he was looking for. What happens next is what you get when you combine friendship, cupcakes, and good coffee with a substance called ‘the eternal breath,’ all mixed up in a city like New York. Forget what you know about love, and take the cake.

My Thoughts:
Take the Cake by Sandra Wright is a story about relationships; friend relationships, family relationships, romantic relationships. There is not a lot of conflict, other than the internal type.  What really makes this book so good is how real the characters seem.  They are going through real situations and they are likeable so that you care what happens to them.  The quote/cupcake war also kept me reading to find out what they would come up with next. This book is great for when you want something sweet and low on angst.  I am craving cupcakes right now. You must check out her website, if only for the cupcake recipes. Decadent. 

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!
*Note: Some adult language.

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Sandra Wright

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