Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review: Indivisible

Indivisible by Jessica McQuinn

Charlie and Gideon Cooper's story begins where most romance stories end: at the happily ever after. Gideon's protective nature makes Charlie feel safe and happy in her new life as the wife of a Navy SEAL—until her happily comes crashing down around her. And though she’s surrounded by loving family and friends, instead of pulling together in the wake of Charlie’s ordeal, their secrets and wrong perceptions threaten to break them all apart. The experience will test the bond they share and determine whether Charlie and Gideon are truly Indivisible.

Jessica McQuinn skillfully pulls readers into the conflicting emotions of an entire family—the traumatized wife, the far-away husband, the inadequate younger brother, the over-nurturing mother. McQuinn lets readers see their strengths and their vulnerabilities—everything that makes them human. And all the while, she deftly weaves in entertaining interactions so readers get to know and adore the characters’ lighter sides, even as the story ventures into dark territory. Indivisible is an unforgettable story of the power of love and the importance of trust.

My Thoughts:
I loved this book, even though it was a little more intense than I expected.  This is no light and fluffy romance.  The story starts on Charlie and Gideon's anniversary and you get the sense that they are a happy couple, but he has some bad news to deliver. Details of their whirlwind courtship come through flashbacks.  I was hooked right away. I would recommend reading this with a box of tissues.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!
*Note:  There is a rape scene.

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