Sunday, December 18, 2011


I live in Wisconsin and I love books, hence the title.  I used to be one of those snobby people who said they would never get an e-reader because nothing could replace actual paper books, blah, blah.  Oh, yes, I was also anti-audio books.  Thought they were for people who don't read.  I have since changed my tune and love books in all of their various forms.  It is all my iPod's fault.

A few years ago my husband bought a used car and they threw in a brand-new iPod touch.  Being cheap frugal, I never would have purchased one as it is not a necessity, but I immediately stole liberated it for my own purposes.  Being frugal, of course, I use my library's services quite frequently.  I soon discovered that they had a website for downloading audio books onto your mobile device.  Now they have a great selection of e-books as well.  Of course I now have the Kindle and Nook apps as well. 

So now I have tons of books at my fingertips wherever I go.  They fit in my pocket and I can read whatever I want, whenever I want.  I don't have to be embarrassed by what I am reading because the cover won't give me away.  I can always lie.  And with the library and all of the free e-books available out there, most of what I read is free (the people who love me give me gift cards for the rest). The only way you could pry this iTouch out of my fingers would be to replace it with an iPhone.

Welcome to wilovebooks. I hope you will find something to read. I was never good at book reports and read faster than I review!

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