Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review: Royle Sisters Series

Royle Sisters Series by Kathryn Caskie

How to Seduce a Duke (Royle Sisters)
The Duke of Blackstone is not about to let his brother become bewitched by some wily blueblood pretender, even one as deliciously tempting as Mary. Until she came along, no woman had ever resisted his seductions. Could it be that Blackstone has actually fallen in love with the infuriating chit? Original.

How to Engage an Earl (Royle Sisters)
The last thing the Earl of MacLaren wants is a wife, so when he awakens to discover a fair-haired enchantress at the foot of his bed, he behaves as any man might by taking full advantage of the delicious situation. Then his family bursts in, and the chit brazenly announces that she is his betrothed. So he finds himself well on his way to being legshackled for life

Beautiful, reserved Anne Royle had never done anything so mad in her life. She entered the earl's bedchamber with no intention of seduction. Rather, she hoped to discover a document that could contain the truth about her heritage. But now her world is turned upside down, and while she trembles at the thought of her wedding night, she finds she longs for it in ways she never thought possible.

How to Propose to a Prince
The final book in Caskie's Royle sisters trilogy tells the story of Elizabeth, the youngest sister, and reveals the final secrets of the mystery of the sisters' birth. Original.

My Thoughts:
Let me say right off that they are all a bit silly, but if you don't expect any more than that, they are enjoyable. This is a trilogy about a set of triplets who believe that they are the secret daughters of the Prince of Wales.  Their adoptive father had been a doctor for the royal family and left a box of clues.  This theme runs through the whole series.  Each book is about one of the sisters finding the man they will marry.  The first is Mary's story, the second is Anne's story, and the third is Elizabeth's story.  It is best to read them in order, because of the backstory that runs through all three. Fun, steamy historical romances.

My Rating:  ****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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