Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review: Dark Carnival (Hawker's Drift book 2) by Andy Monk

The carnival has come to town...

“After the sun goes down the pleasures here are darker. A man takes his wifey and kiddies to the Day Carnival an keeps em entertained, but he’ll creep back here under the moon for his own pleasures... we got just about anything a heart might desire. A girl, a boy, a nip, a smoke, a sniff, a snort, a turned card, a rolled dice... However a man cares to burn his money, we got a fire stoked and ready for him…” 

At the same time, on the same day, every year, the wagon’s of Thomas Rum’s travelling carney roll into Hawker’s Drift and the town celebrates the 4th of July. But beyond the games and rides, the carousels and candy apple stalls, the bunco booths and fortune-tellers, the jugglers and clowns there is another show that only comes to life at night. 

The sequel to The Burden of Souls takes the inhabitants of Hawker’s Drift on a dark ride as the Mayor continues to manipulate their souls for his own mysterious purposes. And as Amos the Gunslinger is drawn into the heart of the Dark Carnival he’ll glimpse the secrets behind the town of Hawker’s Drift as well as his own terrible demons. 

Book Two of the Hawker’s Drift series.

My Thoughts:
This series. Wow. This was just an engrossing story that pulled me right in. There is an interesting bunch of characters and I was caught up in each person's story. They are all part of something larger and sinister with the Mayor behind it. I spent the book caught up in the little stories while at the same time trying to figure out the big picture. Very mysterious. I thoroughly enjoyed and I know that Stephen King fans will enjoy this series. Just be sure to start with The Burden  of Souls. I will be impatiently awaiting book 3.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!
Language, dark subject matter.

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