Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: The Tyrant's Daughter by J.C. Carleson

When her father is killed in a coup, 15-year-old Laila flees from the war-torn middle east to a life of exile and anonymity in the U.S. Gradually she adjusts to a new school, new friends, and a new culture, but while Laila sees opportunity in her new life, her mother is focused on the past. She’s conspiring with CIA operatives and rebel factions to regain the throne their family lost. Laila can’t bear to stand still as an international crisis takes shape around her, but how can one girl stop a conflict that spans generations? 

My Thoughts:

This is the story of one young girl who loved her father, not knowing how the rest of the world saw him. It is a powerful story seeing things through Laila's eyes. She has to to leave the world she knows and adapt to a new one. It is interesting to see our culture from an outside perspective. Laila faces several dilemmas and needs to make choices. Does she want to know how the rest of the world saw her father? Does she want to act on information she finds out that could potentially affect people's lives?  I think this is a great book for teens. It really gives you an awareness of global events in a personal way. 

My Rating: ****
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J. C. CARLESON is a former undercover CIA officer who has navigated war zones, jumped out of airplanes, and worked on the frontlines of international conflicts. She now lives and writes in Virginia with her husband and two young sons. Her previous publications include the novel Cloaks and Veils,and Work Like a Spy: Business Tips from a Former CIA Officer.

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