Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Bubble by Anders de la Motte

The stunning conclusion to the groundbreaking Scandinavian crime trilogy featuring a deadly game that blurs reality and fiction in a world obsessed with social media.

It’s the middle of summer and Stockholm is preparing for the wedding of a beloved Swedish princess. Trying to move on with his life after the end of the Game, HP is still struggling to find his way when he receives an anonymous text message asking if he’d like back in. HP knows his participation has already put himself and his sister in danger and he’d like to ignore the text, but he also realizes he doesn’t know who to trust. HP tried to stay hidden and on the run, but he can’t escape the Game Master. Hoping to uncover the truth behind the Game and free himself from the Game Master’s control forever, HP decides to accept one more assignment.

Rebecca’s life has changed dramatically as a result of her brother’s involvement in the Game and she, too, is trying to move on and find the truth. And now she’s determined to uncover the connection between her late father’s past and her brother’s current predicament. But will Rebecca’s investigation into the past cost her the future? Taking action, HP hunts down a man he believes might be the Game Master himself. With a band of fellow former Game players, they infiltrate the Fortress in order to collect information that could be the Game’s undoing. But is he strong enough to take down the Game? And can he trust his fellow gamers?

A fast-paced, technological thriller that concludes the story that began in Game and BuzzBubble will have readers gasping for breath during the final showdown between HP and the Game Master.

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this conclusion to the Game trilogy. HP finally realizes that he was never really out of the game. He and Rebecca aren't in contact, but they are both working to figure things out. It is hard to know who to trust, and there is really no one that can be trusted. There is a lot of action and twists that kept me guessing. I enjoyed this one as much as the first. 

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !
*Notes: Language, violence.

My Source: Netgalley

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