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Review: After the Rain by Karen-Anne Stewart

After the Rain by Karen-Anne Stewart

Finally able to put her harrowing past to rest, Raina looks forward to her future with Kas, but the Ghost has other plans. As the FBI team gets closer to taking down the largest human trafficking ring in the modern world, the Ghost begins a wicked game, making Raina the pawn and the target. Never before encountering a worthy adversary, he's fascinated by Raina and is enjoying the refreshing challenge of her intellect.
The danger ignites to a blazing new level, and Kas struggles between the need to finally exorcise the Ghost and his need to protect his wife. Tension mounts as an internal battle wages, tormenting Kas as he watches Raina put her all into taking down the man responsible for horrific sex slavery and gruesome deaths. When a new player takes control, Jefferson orders the end of the Ghost's game with Raina, which results in one final, devastating act, leaving Kas desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to save whatever means necessary.

***Disclaimer: Due to sensitive issues of abuse, human trafficking, and adult scenes, The Rain Trilogy is intended for readers 18+

My Thoughts:
This book has tons of suspense and romance, even though Kas and Raina are married now. The incident with Chris wraps up faster than I expected, but then we get back to taking down the bad guys. There is more hacking and undercover work for Raina, who is determined to take down the Ghost. I love how Raina changes throughout the trilogy, and Kas has to adapt to those changes. He adores those changes. Raina and Kas are just such a great couple. This was a great ending to the trilogy.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!
*Notes: Dark subject matter with human trafficking, abuse, and rape.

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