Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Seven-Night Stand by Nicole Helm

Seven-Night Stand by Nicole Helm

Reality TV scout Vivvy Marsh loves her job, but she'll lose it if she doesn’t find a hit. When she’s sent to Kansas to scout a show, it looks like a bust...until she meets sexy pilot, Nate Harrington. His family would make the perfect show to save her career.

Nate can’t deny his attraction to Vivvy, but no way can he let this show take off. The Harrington family is riddled with secrets, and she wants it all out in the open. For the next seven days, he’s going to stop at nothing to keep her out of his family's business, even if it means keeping her distracted in his bedroom.

My Thoughts:
Vivvy and Nate are attracted to each other right away and since both of them know what they want, they decide to go for it. Neither is looking for any kind of attachment. Then they extend their one-night stand for the week she is going to be around. But even that is not enough. They live separate lives in different states and she is trying to get him to do a show he doesn't want to do, all of which are reasons being together is impossible. This is a fun, fairly light romance. Sweet with some steam. I enjoyed the characters and their banter. Fun romance read.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!
*Notes: Some profanity.

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