Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Mirror Face by Meredith Lorimar

Mirror Face by Meredith Lorimar

In Mirror Face, we meet a young woman of means named Ursula Baker. As she struggles to secure the balance between life experience and sensibility, we descend into her curiosity for a world she is so fascinated by. The novel is told through a series of inter-woven reveries, which explore what it means to love and live with purpose in a challenging, complex society. Will Ursula be able to secure her niche in life, when her closest friends are threatened by the consequences of their dangerous and out-of-control lifestyles? One friend has lost all ambition to become a singer/songwriter and has descended into a world of amphetamine and an obsession with Lady Gaga; another lies in hospital, battling the effects of HIV/AIDS. It will take conviction to be of assistance to those in crisis but will this strength be at the expense of something Ursula needs to maintain her own sanity?
My Thoughts:
An interesting read. It's a little slow-moving at first, and you're not sure where things are going, but it has an interesting style that made me want to keep reading. We are pulled into Ursula's world as she is mulling things over, trying to figure out her life. Some very profound things happen in a very short period of time and she is trying to make sense of things. What I like about Ursula is that she is not perfect, but she is trying to learn from past experiences. I thought it was a lovely and powerful book.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !
Some strong language, illegal drug use

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Meredith Lorimar

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