Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Back in Time...Times Two by Rebecca A. Holt

Back in Time...Times Two by Rebecca A. Holt

Carmen and Celeste Summers are fraternal twin sisters that have taken completely different career paths. While the pragmatic Carmen spends her days shuffling legal papers the slightly eccentric Celeste is reading tarot cards and celestial charts for a living.

Carmen and Celeste are very aware of their many differences but the one thing they both enjoy is spending their weekends together searching for unusual antiques.

When one of their trips unearths an Ancient Egyptian artifact on the same day there is a meteor shower they find themselves spiraling back in time...

My Thoughts:
This was a fun read. The sisters find an artifact that allows them to time travel to the time and place of their choosing, allowing them to go on adventures and get into some trouble. The twin dynamic was a lot of fun. They have an interesting relationship, as they are so similar in some respects, yet so different in others. At times, I had a hard time really getting into the story, as I felt more like a casual observer and not really pulled into the story with the characters. We are told a lot of the story, instead of being shown what is happening and really being involved.

My Rating: ***
Steam Factor: !

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