Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Chaser by Miasha

Chaser by Miasha

How far will you go for love?
From the Essence bestselling author of Never Enough comes a novel about an explosive love triangle that threatens to bring down a city.
Leah -- Young, beautiful, and in love with the wrong man. Distraught after her boyfriend Kenny sets her up to take the fall in yet another of his schemes, Leah has no choice but to strike a deal with the police. Her world changes overnight, and maintaining her composure while gathering information is no easy task. And then she meets Nasir...
Nasir -- All he's ever wanted to do is make his family proud. Ambitious and hardworking, Nasir is a good man, but he owes a debt to a former friend -- and regardless of how many times he's paid it back, Kenny will never let him forget it...
Kenny -- Money reigns supreme in Kenny's world and he'll stop at nothing to get more of it. Kenny would lie, cheat, and even kill to protect his empire. There is no such thing as loyalty as far as he's concerned. And he's starting to realize that his girlfriend Leah is standing in his way...
Smart, sexy, and undeniably thrilling, Chaser is exactly what Miasha's legions of fans have been waiting for.
My Thoughts:
The beginning of this story was shocking. Gave me goosebumps. I had to keep reading to find out how this woman came to be in this situation and how on earth she could possibly get out. Lots of drama, suspense, and romance. The characters are flawed and believable. A great read.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!
*Notes: Strong language. Domestic violence.

Where to get it:

Google Books
Simon & Schuster
Barnes & Noble
Sony Reader

Where to find the author:

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