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Review: Caribbean Romance by Leigh Morano

Caribbean Romance by Leigh Morano

Vanessa is the romantic type. She likes the idea of a man looking deeply into her eyes and professing his adoration, for only her. Secretly she enjoyes a man who is just a little jealous, just a little possessive, it makes her feel as if he could not live without her.
Here she is in a local coffee shop explaining to her best friend Marilyn, that she is in love with a man she met in a chat room as Marilyn listens with disparagement.
She knows that her friend is only trying to protect her, and she knows that she is probably right. Yet, Marcelo seems so different than the other men she has been with. “I am being careful.” She added as she sat back in her chair. “We've never even met.”
Marilyn smirked at that. It seemed rather strange to her that Vanessa could be gushing over a man she had only interacted with in a chat room and through e-mails.
“So how could you possibly be smiling like that about him?” Marilyn asked as she watched Vanessa's lips quirk up into a silly grin at the mere mention of Marcelo.
Vanessa sighed dreamily as she remembered the sound of Marcelo's voice whispering in her ear through her telephone. The first time they had taken the giant step from conversations on the computer to telephone, her stomach had been full of butterflies. She called him, of course, and blocked her number as a safety precaution. He picked up on the first ring.
He did not say Hello.
He said. “Vanessa,” In his low rich tone spiced by his sultry accent. He said it with such desperation and anticipation that Vanessa had not been able to respond at first. Instead she listened to the sound of his breath. He had not hung up. He listened right back.
Minutes passed in shared silence, before Vanessa was finally able to answer.
“Hi.” She had squeaked out, her heart racing, her body trembling like a teenager with a crush.
His laughter had been ambrosia to her, tickling her from the inside. They had been chatting for months, and Vanessa had suspected form their first conversation that there was something magical about him. When she heard his laughter, she was certain of it.
Vanessa's face was flushed crimson as she emerged from her memory to find Marilyn gazing at her expectantly.
“He is everything I have ever dreamed of.” Vanessa gushed as she looked stubbornly back at her friend. “So maybe our relationship is not the most conventional, but it works for us.”
Marilyn sighed and took a short sip of her coffee. She set the cup back down to the table, and settled her fiercest glare on Vanessa.
“Arthur and Scott were everything you dreamed of Vanessa. Maybe it is time you took a look at your dreams.”
Marilyn's words struck Vanessa hard, but she was not angry at her for them. She had made Marilyn promise her that if she ever got lost again she would do everything in her power to pull her back from the edge of what Vanessa would mistake for true love.
“Marcelo is different.” Vanessa insisted as she swept her white blonde hair back over her shoulders. The pin-straight strands rippled along the back of her blouse as they settled back into place. Marilyn shook her head as she took in the sight of her beautiful friend.

Welcome to the adventure of Vanessa and Marcelo and find out where the romance will lead. Will they fiind happiness from a chat room? The odds are against it but dreams can come true. Read on and find out for yourself.

My Thoughts:
Vanessa and Marcelo met online and have been chatting and talking on the phone for some time. What will happen when they finally meet in person? Vanessa has some issues from past relationships and Marcelo has a past relationship that comes back to haunt them. This is a quick read. Not much back story or interaction with other characters. Great for when you are in the mood for a sweet romance with some steamy love scenes. A satisfying, short romance.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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