Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Deja Demon

Deja Demon: The Days and Nights of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom (Kate Connor - Demon Hunter, #4) by Julie Kenner


Between attending gala fundraisers for her husband’s political campaign, training her teenage daughter to wield a crossbow and a stiletto, pottytraining a toddler, and her increasingly complicated personal life, Kate Connor hardly has time to prepare for the impending chaos of a neighborhood Easter party that has her enslaved to dying hundreds of hard-boiled eggs.

Keeping the local kiddos in line will take all of Kate’s skills as a mother and demon hunter, just when she’ll need them the most. The High Demon Goramesh has returned to San Diablo —this time with a full-blown army of the undead and a powerful demonic ally. Once again, it’s up to Kate to save the world. Good thing she can multi-task... 

My Thoughts:
I have been enjoying this series about a retired demon-hunter who ends up back in the game even though she now has a teenager and a toddler. This one is my favorite so far. There isn't as much of the every-day mom stuff, which tended to drag down some of the other books. It still shows how she has to juggle and balance all of her duties.  Lots of action and twists in this one that made me want to keep going to find out what happened next. Some of the twists I figured out ahead of time, but it was still enjoyable.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !

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